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Hand Crafted
Resin Art


Resin Pours

The Process believes

Your space should help express and extract positive vibes. Many people use stones in their environments to do this. I saw an opportunity to combine my love for painting and resin art as well as my deep love for stones and spirituality. I hope your resin painting gives you the same sense of comfort that they give me.

Matching Stones 

To Emotions


Using Colors

To Cultivate Calm

I choose colors based around the stone that is used, as well as the emotion I am trying to elicit from the viewer. These colors can be customized by filling out my customization form.

Customize Your Unique 

Dreamscape Resin Pour

You can choose your colors, stone, request for memorabilia or photos to be embedded in the unique dreamscape pour.


BUT WAIT ... there's More 

Yoga With Lindsay

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