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Yoga With Me, 

My infatuation with spirituality, art, and creating lead me to the yogic path. I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in 2022, graduating from Tula Yoga. I now teach in addition to my full-time Graphic Design job and couldn't be happier. 

That being said, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. I came to yoga for the same reason many people do. I learned tools to confront anxiety thought loops - and I now bring this practice to my students. I cultivated a practice that helps students feel present, calm, and worthy. Yoga is a PRACTICE and so is feeling like your best self. 

Yoga & art are the gifts that allow me and my fellow yogis to come back to their highest selves. I am continually a student in this life and love the highs and lows because they allow space for growth.

At the lake

In-Studio Classes

Silver Spirit Holistic Wellness Studio

314 Willow Drive Little Silver NJ

PLEASE NOTE: Booking for in-studio classes is done through the Mindbody app. 

Monday Mornings


Gentle Yoga

Child's Pose

Wednesday Evenings


Online Meditation

Book A
Virtual Class
(or) workshop

Send me a message! For virtual classes I offer a sliding scale for payment, determined on the length of the classs.

I offer 10 - 30 - and 60 minute classes, perfect for any schedule!

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